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It's technically challenging, always in demand, and fun to work in the field of software quality assurance testing!

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If you enjoy computers and software - and have a basic understanding of systems software like operating systems and browsers and software applications like MS Office - you can now have a rewarding career in software Quality Assurance (QA) testing. This ebook will teach you the basics of QA processes, test planning and test case development, test execution and defect reporting, as well as how to get software QA testing jobs or contracts. It also discusses testing tools and the software knowledge that you will need to advance your career and make up to $100,000 per year!

What you will learn in this software testing ebook course:

Steve Laats, the author of this ebook course, has an extensive 29-year career in software QA testing as a software engineer and manager and will guide you through all the necessary information to get you started on this exciting new career. Topics include:

Software Testing Basics:

  • Software development life-cycle and software quality assurance integration

  • Development of test strategies and how to write test plans

  • Test case development methodologies and how to write test case specifications and test scripts

  • Test execution cycles and reporting defects

  • Status and metrics reports for testing projects

  • Software testing tools that are popular and their benefits

  • Advanced topics: quality plans, configuration management and version control, QA groups and organizations, and more

Finding Work:

  • Getting your first software testing job - what are the advantages and pros/cons, online searching, career, and salaries

  • Getting your first contract - why become a contractor or consultant, contracts and work statements, career development, online searching, hourly versus fixed rate contracts.

  • Working with employment agencies and temporary contracting agencies

Computer Software Skills for Testing:

  • Operating Systems and internet browsers

  • Databases

  • Office applications

  • Networks

  • Telecommute technologies

Training and Career Development:

  • Trade shows

  • Seminars and courses

  • Books

  • Tools


  • Example test plan (Calculator I project)

  • Example test case specifications and test scripts (Calculator I project)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get if I purchase your product?
As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive our full ebook course. Just follow the instructions to start the download and receive all item

What will the ebook course tell me about a software testing career?
Well it cannot tell you EVERYTHING, but it will give you the basics and tell you what you need to get started in a software testing career.

What format will the ebook and bonus materials be in?
The ebook is in a PDF (for free Adobe Acrobat Reader) or Kindle format (for Amazon Kindle devices). The bonus materials can be read and used through Microsoft Office 2003 or greater - specifically MS Word for Bonus#1 (test plan) and MS Excel for Bonus#2 (test case spec/scripts spreadsheet).

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