StellarLogic develops niche business enterprises to solve problems and satisfy needs using computer and internet technology.


Niche businesses specialize in a certain area or type of product, often allowing them a competitive advantage over other businesses. Narrowing the focus on potential buyers allows specialized businesses to implement marketing plans that highlight areas of a product that will appeal most to a certain demographic.

Marketing strategies can be tailored to the specific product or service offered, creating a more effective overall advertising campaign. Having a specialized business also makes it easier to pinpoint the target audience.

Business Niches

Arizona Ranch Store - Lots of great apparel and unique items at our online store! We blend our Arizona western influence with fashionable clothing and accessories.

Arizona Ranch will embrace the latest fashion trends, including:

Everything that is old, can be new again.
Blue's such as Navy is the new neutral.
All shades of Green are awesome this season too.
Rich colors are trendy too.
Patterns such as leopard, plaid, pinstripes, and houndstooth are hot.
Some metallic is also oh-so awesome.

Marketing of Arizona Ranch is a key objective to success. Starting with Pinterest and then Facebook and others will hopefully drive customers to the online store.

  • computer
    Software Information Technology - Quality assurance consulting, software career information, documentation and templates, and more.

    QA management consulting on a part time or full time temporary basis to cover FMLA absences, sabbaticals, vacations, illness are a key service for StellarLogic. With many years of small and large organization experience at the managment level, StellarLogic is prepared to handle your temporary QA management resource needs.

    Business intellegence and data warehouse quality management are also part of our solution set. Contact us today for more information.

    We also have career and software QA
    information elements in the form of books and free whitepapers. Check us out.


I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

-Bill Gates


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