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StellarLogic is a technology business based in Arizona USA. The company is focused on the development and management of software consulting services and retail ecommerce businesses using processes, tools, and knowledge from decades of computer industry experience.



Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Solutions - With extensive experience developing test plans and cases as well as conducting and managing all phases of testing and QA, StellarLogic can virtually help you achieve the highest levels of quality for your healthcare or financial software applications. Services include:

Development of Excel Business Intelligence Solutions - StellarLogic can improve the productivity of your business by designing customized Excel report and application solutions that meet your data warehouse business objectives. Services include:

Other info: Get the eBook that tells you how to become a software quality assurance (QA) tester!
Make Big Money Testing Software - available as a Kindle ebook or a PDF.

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Also, check out our FREE Downloads such as
the Social Security Retirement Analyzer (Excel 2013+ .XLSX format)


Arbitrage retailing

Resale Ecommerce - Check out our eBay Stores for awesome products at great prices! Sites include:



StellarLogic is an Arizona Limited Liability Company (LLC). Originally established in 1998 by Steve Laats as an Oregon corporation, the business operated as a software consulting business for 10 years. Steve is now transpiring StellarLogic into much more as an LLC. Recognizing the need for unique and high quality products and technical services, StellarLogic has realigned itself to be your online destination for quality products at great prices as well as continuing with software consulting services.

Steve's background includes over 29 years of software experience in medical, financial, and computer industries with a focus on quality assurance. He served as a software engineer, manager, director, and consultant in many technical and IT organizations as well as founded a number of successful software companies.



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Goodyear, AZ USA

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